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You may have noticed that estrogen blockers are seeing a sharp rise in popularity. For people struggling with unusually high levels of estrogen, supplements can be a simple and practical way to balance their hormone levels and keep their bodies healthy. Estrogen blocker supplements are also loved by bodybuilders for their perceived ability to promote muscle gains, and by fitness fans who claim that they help them cut through fat quicker.

But despite their growing army of loyal fans, the debate rages on over whether estrogen blocker supplements actually work. In this article, we’re going to look at how to lower estrogen levels with supplements, and whether they actually work. 

What is Estrogen?

Estrogen occurs naturally in our bodies but is increasingly found in the things we eat, the cosmetic products that we use, and even in the plastic that we store our food and drinks in.

Estrogen is widely known as the main ‘female’ hormone, and abnormally high levels in women can have a negative effect on their reproductive system. However, just like testosterone (the ‘male hormone’) is important to female health, estrogen also has an important role to play in male health.

The male version of the hormone, known as estradiol, must be well-balanced with testosterone to achieve normal sexual function. If estrogen levels are too high or low in a biological male, he might notice a change in his sex drive, his ability to have an erection, and his sperm production. 

Why do People use Estrogen Blocker Supplements? 

It’s fairly common to experience high levels of estrogen, and some reports suggest that an imbalance is becoming more prevalent. In addition to the effects that high levels of estrogen can have on reproduction, fertility, and sexual performance, there are several serious health issues associated with the condition that may prompt the use of estrogen blockers. In both genders, elevated estrogen can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and thyroid diseases. Females are also likely to experience anxiety, bloating, and insomnia and males might find themselves developing gynecomastia or enlarged breasts.

Low energy, an increase in fat tissue, and a loss of muscle tone are also common symptoms of high levels of estrogen in both men and women, which is bad news for athletes and bodybuilders. Synthetic estrogen blockers have been shown to boost testosterone levels by as much as 50%, which is why using an estrogen blocker for bodybuilding is popular.

Many people who are concerned about their estrogen levels first look at using diet to realign hormones, but this can be a difficult challenge if your levels are already high. As such, a safe and natural estrogen blocker is sometimes the best and even the only way to regain hormonal balance.
If you think your estrogen levels are too high, you can check your symptoms in our article on the most common signs of elevated estrogen.

What is an Estrogen Blocker?

Estrogen blockers are any medication or supplement that suppresses your natural estrogen production or that stops the estrogen that you do make from affecting your body.

Supplements that can be bought online or over-the-counter work by helping your body to metabolize estrogen so that it can be eliminated. These supplements can have a positive impact on people suffering from high levels of estrogen.

As we’ve already mentioned, a strategic shift in your diet can also create an estrogen-blocking effect. One of the best natural estrogen blockers is cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Cruciferous vegetables contain high levels of phytochemicals that work to stop estrogen production. Other great estrogen-blocking foods include:

  • Whole grains – whole grain pasta, bread and cereals made with unrefined grains contain anti-estrogen polyphenols which reduce estrogen in the bloodstream.

  • Seeds – flax and sesame seeds also contain polyphenols and can easily be added to recipes or smoothies.

  • Pomegranates – this colorful fruit is packed with antioxidants and is known to work well as an estrogen blocker.

  • Mushrooms – several varieties of mushrooms including Portobello, baby button, and shiitake are known to block the production of aromatase which is responsible for converting a hormone called androgen into estrogen.

  • Green tea – green tea has endless health-boosting properties and it is also thought to influence the enzymes that metabolize estrogen.

Do Estrogen Blocker Supplements Work?

To summarize: yes, estrogen blockers can work. But it’s not as simple as popping a few pills and waiting for them to create magic. When estrogen blockers are thought not to work, it’s often because people don’t know how to use them or why they should be using them. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your supplement it’s important to keep estrogen at a level that works for you, rather than completely suppressing it (or doing nothing at all to manage it, for that matter).

If you’re thinking of using estrogen blockers to shift some weight and get ripped, don’t. If there’s a chance that your estrogen levels are normal, it isn’t sensible to mess with it as you’re likely to throw your testosterone/estrogen balance out of whack. Instead, we recommend evaluating your hormone levels and using estrogen blockers as recommended by the manufacturer and only when completely necessary. Doing so will help you balance out your hormones much more efficiently in the long run.  

Trust in Quality Brands

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If you are concerned that you may be experiencing high levels of estrogen, consult with your doctor.

Have you had success with estrogen blocker supplements? Let us know in the comments. 

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